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Papers in book "Variational and Extrumum Principles in Macroscopic Systems":
[Eds. S. Sieniutycz, H. Farkas, Elsevier, 2005]

S. Sieniutycz and H. Farkas: Progress in variational formulations for macroscopic  processes
Chapter I.1 ,  pp. 3-24

T. Matolcsi, P. Ván and J. Verhás: Fundamental Problems of Variational Principles: Objectivity, Symmetries and Construction
Chapter I.3,  pp. 57-74

F. Márkus: Hamiltonian Formulation as a Basis of Quantized Thermal Processes
Chapter I.13,  pp. 267-292

H. Farkas, K. Kály-Kullai, and S. Sieniutycz: The Fermat Principle and Chemical  Waves
Chapter I.17,  pp. 355-374

K. Gambár, F. Márkus:
Hamilton's principle for a set of nonlinear heat conduction
Open Systems and Information Dynamics 12 (2005)

F. Márkus, K. Gambár:
Quasiparticles in a thermal process
Physical Review E 71 (2005)

P. Ván:
Exploiting the Second Law in weakly nonlocal continuum physics,
Periodica Polytechnica, Mechanical Engineering

P. Ván:
The Ginzburg-Landau equation as a consequence of the Second Law,
Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, 2005, V17/2, pp. 165-169

J. Verhás:
A simple membrane model doing division.
Journal of Computational and Applied Mechanics, 6. megjelenés alatt

Nonlinear dynamics:

Péter L Simon and András Volford
Detailed study of limit cycles and global bifurcations in a circadian rhythm model
Under publication in: International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos

Noszticzius Z., Kály-Kullai K., Iván K.:
Nemlineáris dinamika a kémiában
Természet Világa, Kémia különszám (2005)



F. Márkus, K. Gambár:
Generalized Hamilton-Jacobi equation for simple dissipative processes
Physical Review E 70, 016123 (2004)

F. Márkus, K. Gambár:
Derivation of the upper limit of temperature from the field theory of thermodynamics
Physical Review E 70, 055102(R) (2004)

P. Ván and T. Fülöp:
Stability of stationary solutions of the Schrödinger-Langevin equation
Physics Letters A, (2004), 323/5-6, 374-381

P. Ván:
Weakly nonlocal continuum theories of granular media: restrictions from the Second Law
International Journal of Solids and Structures, (2004), 41/21, 5921-5927

P. Ván, C. Papenfuss and W. Muschik:
Griffith cracks in the mesoscopic microcrack theory
Journal of Physics A, (2004), 37/20, 5315-5328.

P. Ván:
One and two component fluids: restrictions from the Second Law,
Physica A, 340/1-3, 2004, 418-426

P. Ván:
Thermodynamic models of porous media
in Proceedings of the First Hungarian Conference on Biomechanics (Budapest, 11-12/06/04), 2004, pp. 510-516,
Budapest, Research Center of Biomechanics and BUTE

J. Verhás:
Onsager's reciprocal relations and some basic laws.
Journal of Computational and Applied Mechanics, 5:157-163, 2004.

J. Verhás:
Mechanical model for cell proliferation.
In: Imre Bolytár, editor, Proceedings of the First Hungarian Conference on Biomechanics.,
pp. 517-526, Budapest, 2004. Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Nonlinear dynamics:

Pelle, K., Wittmann, M.,
 Lovrics, K., Noszticzius, Z., Turco Liveri, M.L., Lombardo, R.:
Mechanistic investigations on the BZ reaction with oxalic acid I.
The oscillatory parameter region and rate constants measured for the reactions of HOBr, HBrO2 and acidic BrO3- with oxalic acid
J. Phys. Chem. A. 108, 5377-5385 (2004)
Pelle, K., Wittmann, M.,  Lovrics, K., Noszticzius, Z.:
Mechanistic investigations on the BZ reaction with oxalic acid II.
Measuring and modelling the oxalic acid-bromine chain reaction and simulating the complete oscillating system
J. Phys. Chem. A. 108,  7554-7562 (2004)  
Iván, K., Wittmann, M.,  Simon, P., Noszticzius, Z., Vollmer, J.:
Electrolyte diodes and hydrogels. Determination of concentration and pK value of fixed acidic groups in a weakly charged hydrogel
Phys. Rev. E 70, 061402-1-11 (2004)
Noszticzius, Z., Wittmann, M.,  Pelle, K., Taba, G.:
Models of the classical BZ reaction and the role of oxalic acid
Proc. of  Int. Conf. in Nonlinear Sci.: „Selfoganization in nonequilibrium systems“,
S. Anic, Z. Cupic, L.Kolar-Anic Eds. 24.9.-25.9.2004, Belgrade, SCG (Serbia i Crna Gora) pp. 49-57.

Kály-Kullai, K., A. Volford and H. Farkas:
Waves of excitations in heterogeneous annular region II. Strong asymmetry
in Banach Center Publications, Vol. 62 (2004), 143-158  html version

Rui Dilão, András Volford:
Excitability in a model with a saddle-node homoclinic bifurcation
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems B Vol. 4 No. 2 (2004) 419-434

István Lagzi, András Volford, András Büki:
Effect of geometry on the time law of Liesegang patterning
Chemical Physics Letters 396 (2004) 97-101

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